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I am a down-to-earth kind of guy. I love to be with my family and friends. In my work with horses I found a balance of my own between responsibility and freedom. My dream is to get on a horse and ride off someplace. To be at peace with the horse, as the horse is with me, and to be certain that the two of us will be able to cope with any obstacle. Simply to ride without any definite purpose, because my purpose would be achieved in the process.

-Veselin Gerdjikov


I love nature, horses, challenges…..A horse is one of the most beautiful and pure animals from which a human can get charged with energy and learn a great many things. Horses teach us patience and help us to truly be ourselves, to be genuine. This is the only way we can build a true partnership with these animals. In them there is no hypocrisy or double standards. Moreover, horses help us to develop our instinct for observation and self-observation; they teach us to analyze each situation.

-Anna Elazarova


I’ve been dealing with horses for as long as I can remember. A decade in the US developed and changed my attitude towards horses. Working as a cowboy I gained experience in horse breaking, Horse training and working with problem horses, both young and untrained, as well as those with behavior problems. Then I realized the necessity of finding a better and more effective way of communicating with horses. The possibility of working with professional trainers and cowboys helped me to perfect my “horseman” skills, so that now “horsemanship” is no longer such a mystery to me, as it was many years ago. After returning to Bulgaria, my main goal is to spread the art of Natural horsemanship, so that more people can have a safe partnership with horses without having to learn the hard way, as I did.

-Alexander Penev


I love simple things that have a deeper meaning.

-Stanimir Kirov

Boris Borisov

Horses give me the freedom that I've always dreamt of.


What does the name “Adgor” mean?

Adgor is the name of the Year of the Horse in the ancient Bulgarian calendar. The horse is a symbol of the celestial principle and the sun, and of the freedom-loving and steadfast spirit of the Bulgarians. That is why we named the riding complex after the Year of the Horse. Our forefathers considered the horse to be a sacred animal, symbol of the sky (which was worshipped as the god Tangra). The strong attachment of the Bulgarians to the horse can be observed from the ancient times.

It is said that the ancient Bulgarians knew perfectly the basic laws of movement of the planets and the Earth around the Sun. They used this knowledge to create what is considered even today as one of the most exact calendars. The biggest unit of time in this calendar wasn’t a year, but a sequence of 12 years. The years forming such a sequence bore the names of different animals. The ancient Bulgarian calendar was the most exact in the world. This has been officially recognized by Unesco. Adgor is the seventh year in the ancient Bulgarian calendar.

Rock art and graffiti from Preslav and Pliska (7th-10th century A.D.)

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