Photo Shoots

Is there anything better than to capture the unforgettable moment, to keep alive the emotion and the memory of the experienced adventure? To share with our friends and relatives how we were having fun. And even to share a laugh at the comic situations and funny faces.

One way of keeping these memories alive may be a photo session with horses which we can offer you. You can use this service even if you are a complete beginner. You decide whether you want the Photo shoot to be on the arena or out in the nature.

Here we present a short profile of our partners, which you can contact for arranging the details of your photo session. Don’t forget that it is obligatory to write yourself in for a riding lesson at the same time.

Kamelia Atanasova

The bond between a horse and a human is something indescribable. It is formed in that moment, when you realize that your meeting is special. Our photographer Kamelia Atanasova sees that which you cannot. She sees that sparkle in your eye at the new challenge ahead, sees the trust of the horse and the thrill from your meeting. She sees the steady grip on the reins and the smooth step of the hoofs. She sees your hair tossed by the wind and the nostrils of the horse drawing breath. For you riding is a pleasant thrill, a new adventure, or a familiar pleasure to which you return over and over again. Why not make it also a beautiful memory, placed lovingly in a photo album or a picture on the wall, to show with pride to your grandchildren?

For more information regarding the individual photo session or a gift certificate for your friends, visit the website of Kamelia Atanasova.

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